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Tuesday, October 23, 2018
This is an amazingly accurate replica of a 1937 Jaguar SS100. Cosmetically accurate in every detail yet with modern Jaguar running gear so you can drive it anywhere! This car is owned by the owner of the company that builds them, Suffolk Sports Cars, UK, so you know it is done right.  I have driven this car and I...
My Morgan racing team....I don't know why but I really like Model T race cars.. This is a 1915 special. Very fast and reliable.This car actually runs and drives!! Nothing stops a Model T!Here is about a $20,000,000 race car. To bad all these classic have become dollar signs rather than just beautiful old race cars..Nothing is sexier than...
It is not every day you see 78 years of Jaguar technology parked side by side. This was the parking lot at XKs Unlimited today...www.xks.com
Day 7 Dear Family & Friends, Today was one of those surprise days.. We knew we had a fairly long ride from Nampa, ID to Bend Oregon and we thought it would be mostly flat, boring, highway through eastern Oregon which is mostly high desert. We left Nampa early and headed west on the freeway for about half an hour and then...
I never go to London without a visit to my favorite place, the ACE CAFE.. A real old timer hang out for motor heads. Every day the feature a different gathering, cafe racers, vintage motorcycles, classic cars, and today vintage military vehicles.No matter what the specialty of the day is, there are ALWAYS interesting motorcycles at the ACE..Not every...
Dear Family & Friends,Just got back from a wonderful motorcycle ride up and down Hwy 1 to Carmel California for The Quail Motorcycle Show, This event has been going on for about 8 years and really has become a world class event.I rode up Friday with a group of my motorcycle friends.  Riding a motorcycle up Hwy 1 is...
 This is one of the largest gatherings of Porsches and Porsche enthusiasts in the world. From the oldest to the newest. On display and racing. A fun day of cars, sun, and good noises..One of the all time great race cars,,, the 917The newest Bad Ass Caymen GT...Front the oldest to the newest..Half Porsche, half Legos... What a combination??Virtually...
Dear Family & Friends,Another hard day of "work"....First off in the morning I went to a large Porsche car show.. I have never seen so many Porsches in one place. I was entered in the display class only so I was not worried about getting there to early. Besides who goes to a show at 7am?? So I went out...
Dear Family & Friends,This may be my most challenging blog. It is hard to write an exciting story about an island that is one large rock with sheep and penguins…. Today we are visiting the Falkland Islands!Our ship set anchor outside the Falklands  harbor because it is to big to go in! We are lucky today that the weather is...




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