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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Dear Family & Friends,We set sail from Athens after an amazing visit.. Down the coast of Greece, around the southern tip and over to Turkey.Our first stop in Turkey was a coastal city named Kusadasi.. It was our first site of Turkey and it was very nice. Much more clean and together than I expected. Since we really don’t...
There a very trick motor is about to go into the car... Soon I will be posting the complete album of this car being built from a bare shell. Stay tuned..

Two weeks until we are off on our big adventure. For regular photos and reports either join my blog or send me your name and email address and I will add you to my travel report group. Email to: camplen@aol.com
Check out the new Jay Leno TV Car Show! Look who is featured in the new Jay Leno TV show advert....  ;)

It is off to my next big adventure. Here is my trusty stead being shipped off to London! Starting Aug. 1st I will be riding 7 seeks across Europe, England, Scotland and the Isle of Mann. Look for future reports and photos when the trip begins...
Click Here for More Information and Pricing..Lady not included..This is the race car that the above car is style and modified to pay tribute to.
Day 2 Dear Family & Friends, Another day, and another adventure.. One of the things I love about motorcycle travel is you never know what the day has in store for you let alone what is around the next turn. We had a long ride ahead of us going from Jamestown to Ely, NV. so we got up and we were on...




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