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Friday, September 21, 2018
Saturday Oct. 22ndDear Family & Friends,It seems as we approach the end of our adventure time is really going by fast..We spent two enjoyable days in Strausbourg, France.. I would highly recommend the city for a stop on any tour of Europe. It is located on the Northern edge of France right along the German boarder, so it has mixture of French and German culture there. It is a very old city with classic old architecture, a 1000 year old cathedral, a beautiful town square and gentle flowing canals throughout the city. A great place to stroll around. I took several long walks while there and thoroughly enjoyed myself..  Easy to get lost there with all the twisty streets but I completely turned off my navigational responsibilities and left it up to Duane..  We always eventually got back to our hotelOur hotel is a grand old hotel in classic European fashion. Lots of wood details and paneling and an elevator that looked like it was built in the 1800s. An all wood and glass elevator with a wrought iron gate.. Even though it was very old, it worked most of the time.. There were a couple occasions I had to walk the five floor of stairs to get to my room.After two days there it was time to keep moving.. Since we were both tired of riding in big cities and the country side here is so beautiful I booked us rooms in Luxembourg in the small village of Diekrich. It was an easy 2 3/4 hour ride from Strasbourg and the last hour was through some beautiful country lanes passing along villages and forests.. A bonus is the Luxembourg National Automobile Museum was two blocks from our hotel!.  The ride was easy and mostly dry ( a few sprinkles) but as we go father and father north and it is getting to be late fall it is getting COLD! Today it never got out of the 40s range and with the wind chill factor it certainly felt cold. (even with all our riding gear and electric jackets)Once we arrived we checked into our hotel and walked around town. That took about ten minutes. We had lunch and I went for a walk on my own. During my walk I passed by the Luxembourg National Car Museum.....
Out for a Morgan day drive with my new sweater... seemed to fit the car..Here is a fun toy.. A replica Indian Board Track Racer motorcycle. This is an almost new (only a few miles on it) replica of a classic motorcycle powered by a 49cc motor. Great for around town or events.  The rust and patina are painted...
Arriving at the Horizons Unlimited Adventure Riders EventLots of like minded people to meet..Mariposa at NightOne of the many fascinating lecturers... to learn more go to: carlaking.comDear Family & Friends,,,I am off on another small motorcycle trip. A bit of a voyage of discovery... and a few days or R&R from work.After 42 years in business I feel like I have...
Dear Family & Friends,I am sorry to have missed a couple days of reports. I am already getting emails from friends asking if I was alright.. Sometimes I am just having to much fun to write and sometimes there is no internet where we are staying.So to get you caught up….Two days ago we took off with our Swiss...
Dear Family & Friends,Saturday we sadly left our old and new friends in Milan and headed to Venice…. You may have heard that the Italians have a bit of a problem keeping the trains on time? Well we had a two hour train ride from Milan to Venice and we boarded right on time and still managed to be...
Hola Mi Familia & Amigos!The week is just flying by now… After a few days in San Miguel Allende we take off for a ride through the rain forests of the Sierra Madres..The first day of riding was varying from low valleys to high mountains as lush and green as any place in the Pacific Northwest except with small...
Dear Family & Friends,Here is a chance to help cure MS and other neurological  and immune system conditions  and get a cool shirt too! Donate $75 or more and get one of these shirts free! Tan are men's sizes, blue are women's sizes..  Sizes up to XXLIt is easy to do..-First you can mail me a check made out to "MS SOCIETY" and I will...
Sunday June 10th Dear Family & Friends, I missed last night’s blog for a very good reason…. Ireland is a small country and everything is close by. Since it was the weekend Bonnie and her girlfriend and her husband (who was visiting her) decided to take a weekend drive. When Bonnie and I talked Friday night we discovered we were going...
Sunday Sept. 2nd Dear Family & Friends, This is my last blog from this trip, so your safe for awhile.. It has been an amazing three months. So many adventures and good times with family and friends… I have enjoyed it all but I am also ready to get home. Friday I left the Isle of Man at 5:30am for the long ride...




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