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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Dear Family & Friends,Another hard day of "work"....First off in the morning I went to a large Porsche car show.. I have never seen so many Porsches in one place. I was entered in the display class only so I was not worried about getting there to early. Besides who goes to a show at 7am?? So I went out...
My new travel card designed by my daughter Jessica!Dear Followers,On September 5th I am flying to the UK to pick up my motorcycle and start a 9 week riding adventure around Europe. Stops will include the Goodwood Revival, France, Portugal, Monaco, Italy, and who knows where else. Will make stops at the Lamborghini factory and Ferrari museum, ride the Amalfi...

  Goodwood Revival to Honor Clark The Goodwood Revival will celebrate its 20th anniversary this September with a tribute to the career of the legendary Jim Clark.Read more at www.vintageracecar.com or in the July issue of Vintage Racecar.I will be there reporting with stories and photos... ! A friend of mine will be racing his Ford GT-40 there so I will give you first...

Dear Family & Friends,Our next stop was Rome… One day and Rome, what to see? Is it possible to see Rome in a day? Hardly.. a month would be a good start, and a life time to see it all!We took a compressed tour of Rome. The usual stops, a few minutes at the Coliseum, the Parthanon, a few...

Playing Tourist…

Dear Family & Friends,Today we took it easy.. Got our packing sorted it for our trip home next week and prepared for a wet ride down to Goodwood tomorrow.We also went into London for a half a day and played tourist.We toured Westminster Abbey. I have been there many times before but this time they had small free Ipod type devices...
Dear Friends,,  This is a shameless plug for an exciting new word game.. This company belongs to a good friend of mine and I think he deserves to be very successful with this clever word game. So check it out and try ordering a game. You won't be disappointed.! Order on line at:Rebus Riot 4th of July Party Gameon...
Saturday Oct. ?Dear Family and Friends,This report will be about the fundamental truth of motorcycle traveling…. things don't always go as planned….Thursday we all left Venice after a wonderful week. My daughter Sarah and Daune’s wife Linda flew home to California on one of the longest convoluted routes possible. They arrived home safe and sound but very tired…  Bonnie and...
Out for a Morgan day drive with my new sweater... seemed to fit the car..Here is a fun toy.. A replica Indian Board Track Racer motorcycle. This is an almost new (only a few miles on it) replica of a classic motorcycle powered by a 49cc motor. Great for around town or events.  The rust and patina are painted...
  Dear Family and Friends,   Thank you for all your support on this year's Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride. This is a motorcycle event to raise funds for men's health issues. Mainly prostate cancer and mental health issues ( I think we can all agree men need help there). The weather was perfect, the attendance was strong, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and we...




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