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Monday, April 23, 2018
I don’t even know what day it is anymore.. ;)Dear Family & Friends,Today was another PERFECT day.. We got up and had a leisurely start to the day. The weather was great and the ride was quick and easy. Two hours and we arrived in Nice, France. I have to say it was a perfect navigation day too, no...

One Very Long Day1

Saturday Sept. 24th.Dear Family & Friends,This was one LONG day!! Any more hours on the bike and I would have been singing “Castrati” for the SLO Opera! What was supposed to be an easy half day ride turned out to be 9 hours in the saddle.. A slight technical miscalculation on my part… I won’t go into the details....
Friday Sept. 23rdDear Family & Friends,What a great place we spent the last two nights at. At night I left my sliding glass door completely open and enjoyed listening to crashing waves and the smell of sea air while I slept.. I will miss that.We got up the next morning ready to ride. Two days off the bikes and...
Thursday Sept. 22nd?Dear Family & Friends,A quiet and relaxing couple of days to report on. We rode down from the mountain town of Cuenca to the Mediterranean coastal town of Benicassim .As soon as we arrived here it felt like Spain’s version of Santa Barbara. It is off season here so it is very quiet and very reasonable.. We checked into our hotel...
Dear Family & Friends,This must be a great vacation, I have lost all track of time, dates, or days. So here is the report of the day.The morning after Kim arrived we needed to get her to the motorcycle rental company to pick up her bike. I offered to ride her over on the back of my bike. The...

Venturing Through Spain

  Sunday Sept. 18th   Dear Family & Friends,   Well I think the trip is back on track to be a great one.. The last 24 hours have been wonderful.  Last night we stayed in a fine hotel in Meridia. A small town in central Spain. It was actually a very modern hotel with all the modern amenities including a swimming pool! We enjoyed a...

Hola Madrid, here we come!

Friday Sept. 17thDear Family and Friends,Tonight I am cheating a bit and instead of writing you an original blog I am forward my riding partner and friend's blog. He is an excellent writer and shares a different point of view. (minus the spelling and grammar mistakes)Tomorrow night I will have some original material. Go to my blog for a...

Olá a partir Portagul

Thursday Sept. 15th.Dear Family & Friends,Not a lot to report today. We got up early in Leon and decided to ride over to the coast and visit Porto, Portugal.When I was planning this trip I was concerned that the first and last week in England and northern France would be cold and rainy and that we would be to...

Hola para Leon, Spain!

Wednesday Sept. 14th   Dear Family & Friends,   Amazing what a difference a day can make!! Today we woke up to a beautiful clear morning, cooler temperatures, and the smell of fresh rain from the night before..  Our plan is to ride to the city of Leon.. Talk about old cities, this city was founded in 29BC, yes that is not a typo,...
Tuesday Sept. 13thDear Family & Friends,A couple of days have passed.. On all of my big motorcycle trips we always have a couple of days that don't go exactly as planned, but it was a bummer this week that we had two in a row! :(Monday we set off for southern France. A new friend who I met on...




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