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San Luis Obispo
Monday, July 16, 2018
Dear Family & Friends,I give up trying to figure out the weather here!! Yesterday it was supposed to be clear and sunny and it was a monsoon rain all day. So last night I check the weather for where we are in Coventry and the weather prediction was a week of rain... bummer.So this morning I got up to...
I have been on many long motorcycle trips and there is always a point after say four weeks and  4000 miles where you get tired, the ride that day was not that good and you just say to yourself  "what the hell am I doing here??" But I have learned to ignore that feeling because all it takes is...
Dear Family & Friends,Today was another day spent in the Swiss Alps. We crossed over the Alps 9 times today using various passes...  The views were beautiful and the roads were anywhere from great to challenging... In one valley we stopped at a 500 year old house that was once inhabited by a local witch. Today it just serves good coffee...Along...
Dear Family & Friends,   This report will be short and sweet... Our adventure is over! We are back in London safe and sound and very tired.... It was a long day riding from Bruges, Belgium to London including some extremely dense fog, a ferry crossing the English channel, and a couple of navigational mistakes on my part that caused us to...
This was a German casino we walked by.. it is so sterile it looked like a launching room for NASA.. They could take a few tips from Las Vegas, if they are going to take your money at least make an effort to make it look fun....Did I mention things tend to be smaller in Europe. This was a...
In the morning we got up and had a pleasant ride through the Swiss country side to visit our new friend Georg Donni and his business GB Donni Classics which is very similar to my own. A Jaguar parts, service, and restoration business. It was fun to see how they do it in Switzerland and to compare war stories...
Dear Family & Friends,Today was a great day! First we had an easy 1 hour ride from Scarborough to the city of York. Even the weather was very good. We got a nice room right downtown on the river and with in walking distance of almost all the major sites.First we walked down to a section of the city...
Saturday July 7th   Dear Family & Friends   Bonnie and I just finished up a week in London with our daughter and son in law Hannah and John. It was so good to spend time with them. It was one HOT week.. England is having a major drought and heat wave this month. It has been four weeks since it has rained and the...
We hate to be wimps but it is just to hot here! We arrived at 6pm and it was still 104 out! So we decided to walk around late in the evening when it was only 90 out and take a few photos. Not the best quality. Tomorrow we are going to head north as fast as possible to...




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