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Saturday, December 15, 2018
Friday June 15h Dear Family & Friends,   Today is Friday and I am staying in Listowell, Ireland the town that Bonnie is living in. She has a small apartment above an art gallery in the center of town. Since she has to work today I spent the morning walking around town, taking a few photos and noticing the life in Ireland. One...
 This building was built before Columbus discovered America! The great thing about Europe is that no matter how old the buildings they are still in use!Even the menu at our restaurant had the Le Mans race motif!
Thursday Sept. 22nd?Dear Family & Friends,A quiet and relaxing couple of days to report on. We rode down from the mountain town of Cuenca to the Mediterranean coastal town of Benicassim .As soon as we arrived here it felt like Spain’s version of Santa Barbara. It is off season here so it is very quiet and very reasonable.. We checked into our hotel...
Dear Family & Friends,Today is our last day in London for a while. In the morning we took a bit of a walk and had a nice breakfast.. We finished up our laundry and made plans for tomorrow.In the afternoon we went to visit the RAF Museum in Hendon, north London. A great display of air craft from WWII and a complete...
Dear Family & Friends, I am not even sure what day it is.. I have lost all concept of days and dates.. sign of a successful vacation! So to get you caught up. Yesterday we were finally got to see the Isle of Skye. Five years ago when  Duane and I were on a motorcycle trip here we attempted to get...
www.xks.comMaking our arrival at the Goodwood Estate. That LARGE home in the background is Lord March's private home. It has to be at least 50,000 sq feet or more.Thursday Sept. 8thDear Family & Friends,Another great day!! Yesterday I got some comments about my blog content saying is this just going to be one big car trip report? (as if...
Saturday June 16th Dear Family & Friends, Before I get into today's activities I would like to address a comment I received from a friend of mine.. (I do consider him a friend even though we have very different political views) He emailed me to question my comments about people I am meeting here not liking Americans or Trump. He accused me...

A Few Last Thoughts..

Motorcycles on the way home and we are home...Dear Family & Friends,This is my final report for this trip and here are a few final thoughts and observations...I have said many times where ever I travel I always see things that are done better and worse than the USA. It is a chance to learn..Here are a few observations...

Dear Family & Friends,Another great day at Goodwood...  All I can say is I cannot figure out the weather here!! Yesterday was supposed to be cold so I dressed warm and I was to hot all day. Today was supposed to be warmer so of course it was very cold and I did not dress warm enough so I froze...




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