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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
I don’t even know what day it is anymore.. ;)Dear Family & Friends,Today was another PERFECT day.. We got up and had a leisurely start to the day. The weather was great and the ride was quick and easy. Two hours and we arrived in Nice, France. I have to say it was a perfect navigation day too, no...

Olá a partir Portagul

Thursday Sept. 15th.Dear Family & Friends,Not a lot to report today. We got up early in Leon and decided to ride over to the coast and visit Porto, Portugal.When I was planning this trip I was concerned that the first and last week in England and northern France would be cold and rainy and that we would be to...
Dear Family & Friends,What started out this morning as a simple 1 hour ride to Milan turned into a three hour marathon...  Duane was leading with his trusty GPS and some how continued to get us lost. Now a GPS is a great help in Europe but it does have it's limitations... First it gives you accurate names of...


 We arrive at the Holy Grail of Ferraris! Even a Ferrari bus! No one could explain to me what a Lambo was doing here??? An assortment of wind tunnel test models in half scale.. The assortment of OEM Ferrari colors... now you know.. The real class, a SWB 250GT... Duane and his hook her... The poor girl was terrified! Ferrari has certainly won their fair share...
Dear Family & Friends,Our adventure is almost complete but still lots of fun and surprises…..After saying good bye to our gracious hosts Merielle and Rudy and I gave my lovely wife a big hub and kiss we took off.The morning was cool but no rain and it looked much clearer than yesterday. We could actually see blue sky.We rode...
June 6th   Dear Family & Friends,   I am off on another adventure…. This is going to be a rather long blog since I am getting you caught up on the last week….   First I am going to be in Europe for three months so you will probably get tired of hearing from me.. just remember where the DELETE key is. The first month...
[googlemaps https://maps.google.fr/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Monaco-Ville,+Monaco&daddr=Florence,+Italie+to:Milan,+Italie+to:silvio+pass+switzerland+to:48.1229763,11.5193327+to:B313+to:Krefeld,+Allemagne+to:Calais,+France&hl=fr&geocode=FU1JmwIdCkdxACnZjssAicLNEjGQK4_9pRkIBA%3BFZnkmwIdgaGrACmt1tKAplYqEzEDKsfvF3nVkw%3BFW6_tQId1CyMACnndRI_ScGGRzGNDnTGE83_PA%3BFbXMvQIdNHSIACnTEYNVvS2ERzG17bDl62aCLg%3BFWBM3gIdZMWvACk3jTqqv9idRzEZAwje6npKXw%3BFeIs5gIdmV6OAA%3BFQleDwMd_ntkAClZU15Hq7q4RzFXiNHG7bmiLw%3BFXp0CQMdflwcAClj4_HXdT_cRzH0edKM4Nm-rA&aq=0&oq=calais,+France&sll=47.15984,6.61377&sspn=8.786336,21.335449&vpsrc=6&mra=dpe&mrsp=4&sz=6&via=4&ie=UTF8&ll=47.15984,6.61377&spn=8.786336,21.335449&t=m&output=embed&w=640&h=480]Copiez et collez ce code HTML pour l'intégrer à votre site Web.
While waiting for the ferry my buddy Duane's license plate drew quite a crowd. He has a personal plate  "VAGABUM".. In England there are no personal plates so between being from California and having such an unusual plate the other passenger gathered around to laugh at the plate. As the boarding agent reported the plated to the ship by...

Greetings from Rome

October 15th Saturday?Dear Family & Friends,Yesterday we said good bye to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. I loved the area but riding a motorcycle there is challenging to say the least.. When it is over, no matter how difficult it is,  you always look back and say, “WOW that was fun”.. We took off in the morning and rode about 45...
Dear Family & Friends,Today was another day spent in the Swiss Alps. We crossed over the Alps 9 times today using various passes...  The views were beautiful and the roads were anywhere from great to challenging... In one valley we stopped at a 500 year old house that was once inhabited by a local witch. Today it just serves good coffee...Along...




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