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Friday, September 21, 2018

Ciao from Venice!

Dear Family & Friends,I am sorry to have missed a couple days of reports. I am already getting emails from friends asking if I was alright.. Sometimes I am just having to much fun to write and sometimes there is no internet where we are staying.So to get you caught up….Two days ago we took off with our Swiss...
Dear Family & Friends,Another report from Buenos Aires….. So far it has been a wonder full time.. As with any trip there are surprises and less than exciting days..Friday we book an all day excision. First it was a three hour trip by boat up the Rio Tigre river to what was supposed to be a remote town and...

Cold, wet, and cranky

Cold, wet, tired, and cranky... a long day of riding in the rain...At least we have a nice room in an old Scottish hotel..
Dear Family & Friends,,In England a day of good weather is to be appreciated, two days of good weather are not likely, and three days of good weather is a miracle.. Four days in a row of good weather.... IMPOSSIBLE!! Today was the forth day.We got up expecting an easy 2 hour ride to Coventry. As we left the...
While waiting for the ferry my buddy Duane's license plate drew quite a crowd. He has a personal plate  "VAGABUM".. In England there are no personal plates so between being from California and having such an unusual plate the other passenger gathered around to laugh at the plate. As the boarding agent reported the plated to the ship by...
Eating a traditional Swiss meal ordered for me by my friend Georg Donni. It was great!

Pompei and Away!

Dear Family and Friends,   The last couple of days I toured the local country side with Bonnie and her friend Mireille in a car.. Taking in the local sites and taking in to much shopping, gin, and food. All good fun.  One of the highlights was a beautiful B&B we stayed in. One of the nicest places I have stayed so...
Dear Family & Friends,We are definitely on the home stretch now.. No broken motorcycles or bodies so I think it has been a tremendous success.....Sunday morning we woke up at the beautiful B&B we stayed at near Goodwood. Blue sky and no clouds in sight..The Goodwood Revival is an amazing event. It is the one event that even if you are not...




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