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Thursday, April 19, 2018
All clean and ready to ride. My Friend Brian, ready to lead the way... Dear Family & Friends, Day one of our adventure.. The first leg of our trip is a three day ride to Salt Lake City, Utah for the National BMW riders convention.. I am riding with a friend of mine, Brian Louw. I really enjoy riding with him because...

Hello France!

Our first view of France!Does it get any more French than this? It is 9pm at night, it is still sunny and warm, and a cute young French girl is serving us wine and good food?Relaxing to quiche, pasta, and wine.. It is a tough life.....Thirty six hours into the trip and so far so good....When the plane arrived...

Playing Tourist…

Dear Family & Friends,Today we took it easy.. Got our packing sorted it for our trip home next week and prepared for a wet ride down to Goodwood tomorrow.We also went into London for a half a day and played tourist.We toured Westminster Abbey. I have been there many times before but this time they had small free Ipod type devices...
http://avvantg.tumblr.com/Here is something you might enjoy unrelated to my travels.....I had to share this new blog site by my daughter Sarah... You are going to love it...it combines:-High fashion in clothes and architecture-Classic Porsches-Beautiful women-Morgans-Classic Jaguars-Beautiful photography-Classic motorcyclesWhat more is there to life?? I am very proud of her
I am very lucky to be married to the woman I am married to! She is very supportive of me taking off on these adventures while she stays home and runs the business... :)I sure love you Bonnie!
Dear Family & Friends,As of today I am off on a new adventure‚Ķ The bad news is it is not on a motorcycle, the good news is I am traveling with my wonderful wife.!This week I am writing to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina‚Ķ As some of you may know my business for the last forty years has required me...
Dear Family & Friends,I give up trying to figure out the weather here!! Yesterday it was supposed to be clear and sunny and it was a monsoon rain all day. So last night I check the weather for where we are in Coventry and the weather prediction was a week of rain... bummer.So this morning I got up to...
Dear Family & Friends,A bit of R&R before the big Goodwood weekend. Yesterday we rode from my friend Nick's house into London, (about a 20 minute ride) and were completely soaked by the time we got there... Weather can change so FAST here. A couple of weeks ago it was a hot summer and now it is cold and rainy.We took...
Dear Family & Friends,This must be a great vacation, I have lost all track of time, dates, or days. So here is the report of the day.The morning after Kim arrived we needed to get her to the motorcycle rental company to pick up her bike. I offered to ride her over on the back of my bike. The...




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