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Monday, July 16, 2018
Dear Family & Friends,Today we left Milan after a very enjoyable visit. I decided to lead this time because I was tired of Duane getting us lost..... so I only made three wrong turns and got us lost all on my own!!... :( ,but we did make it. My excuse is in the big city the tall buildings block the GPS...

Hola para Leon, Spain!

Wednesday Sept. 14th   Dear Family & Friends,   Amazing what a difference a day can make!! Today we woke up to a beautiful clear morning, cooler temperatures, and the smell of fresh rain from the night before..  Our plan is to ride to the city of Leon.. Talk about old cities, this city was founded in 29BC, yes that is not a typo,...
Sunday June 10th Dear Family & Friends, I missed last night’s blog for a very good reason…. Ireland is a small country and everything is close by. Since it was the weekend Bonnie and her girlfriend and her husband (who was visiting her) decided to take a weekend drive. When Bonnie and I talked Friday night we discovered we were going...
Dear Family & Friends,Today was a well earned day of rest and & relaxation. After three weeks on a motorcycle we needed this.. We got some laundry done and then went into London for a little fun. Hands down London is my favourite city in the world. Amazingly diverse and dynamic. Always something new to see and do.Today was...
Mad Ludwig as he was know built this fabulous castle in the late 1800s.. He actually tore down a 13th century castle on this very site to build what was supposed to be the "Ultimate" castle... Well it started out that way but became so expensive to build that he was tossed out of his kingship and the ministers...
Dear Family & Friends,I give up trying to figure out the weather here!! Yesterday it was supposed to be clear and sunny and it was a monsoon rain all day. So last night I check the weather for where we are in Coventry and the weather prediction was a week of rain... bummer.So this morning I got up to...
Dear Family & Friends,Today we decided to ride south and try to get away from the rain... the key word is try...We headed south out of Inverness with a weather report of clear and cold. So we started out the morning fully prepared with all our electric riding gear on. For those of you not familiar with motorcycling you...
Dear Family & Friends,What can I say? Another awesome day!! We spent the day with some old friends, the Ardens... A nicer, warmer family would be hard to find... The father Jochan and I used to do business together and we both have a passion for Jaguars, racing, and our families so we have a lot in common....Their son Julius...




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