Day 7

Dear Family & Friends,

Today was one of those surprise days.. We knew we had a fairly long ride from Nampa, ID to Bend Oregon and we thought it would be mostly flat, boring, highway through eastern Oregon which is mostly high desert.
We left Nampa early and headed west on the freeway for about half an hour and then decided to take a back road to Bend so we found Hwy. 84. What a great surprise. First it started out as just a rural road through farm lands and then it went into a gorge with a river in it and for about 150 miles. We found little traffic and a great road with lots of high speed bends.. The mountain passes tend to be slow 30-50 mph turns, but these were fast open turns between 60-80mph and since we were in a gorge with no population and a large river running through it the scenery was beautiful and the river area was full of all sorts of birds and wildlife. The best of both worlds, a good challenging ride with lots to see. The only problem with lots of birds is they can get in the way. Brian hit one with his helmet at about 70mph and what was left of it went over his head and right at me.. I managed to swerve and miss it but next time Brian takes out a bird I hope he puts it somewhere else..
By noon we made Burns, Or. From here we headed north on Hwy. 20. We thought somewhere along there we would stop for lunch. I knew that wasn’t going to happen when 20 miles out there was a sign saying next gas 99 miles! That meant there was nothing between Burns and Bend! At least we filled our gas tanks in Burns so I knew I could make it to Bend if need be.
About half way there we came across a dilapidated building that had a sign out front, The Gas Cafe.! As bad as it looked at least they served food. A grubby young man came out and took our order and we waited. After a while he told us he just bought the place and his wife was the cook but the was out running errands but should return soon. After 45 minutes he explained his wife took the lunch hour off. So we left.. I am betting he won’t be in business in 6 months.. Who ever heard of a restaurant that closes for lunch?!?!?!?
Traveling on the back roads you do see the oddest businesses. In one small town I saw a modest house with a sign out front “Dr. Smith, Chiropractor and Chimney Sweep”. Really??? That is the two best skills this man has? And what if he mixed up his tools when working on flues? I wouldn’t let him near my flue.
Another odd combination we saw was another old road side hamburger stand and taxidermy. Wow does that sound appetizing.?? Kill it, stuff it, serve it.. Full service.
Tonight we are in Bend Oregon. I remember going there as a child when it was a quaint riverside town. The old town is still very nice but it has grown and is way to big to be called quaint anymore. There was even traffic as we came into town.
This evening we went into downtown Bend by the river. We found a nice sidewalk cafe and enjoyed a good glass of wine and a pizza together. Tonight is our last night riding together. Tomorrow Brian heads home and ride to Portland to visit my daughter and son-in-law. Looking forward to seeing them. Brian is a great riding partner, couldn’t have been better.

Now most of the trip has been very good except for some EXTREME heat the first few days.. But it is not always easy and pleasant and you have to be ready to deal with sudden changes in weather. and traffic. This is a video Brian took on an day that was mostly in the 80s and 90s then suddenly…..

Unforeseen Road Hazards….

Also I am going to make a commercial plug. Many of you know I own and Jaguar parts and restoration business. The restoration part has always been my favorite so here is a video showing you some of the cars we have done over the years and what goes on in our shop:

A day at XKs Motorsport

That’s it for tonight!

“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

The start of the highway from Nampa to Bend


Entering the gorge to follow this river for the next 100 miles

The ride north from Burn to Bend,,, not much to see or do.
As we got close to Bend the Three Sisters mountain range..
Downtown Bend
Looking out from our dinner table at a sidewalk cafe on a warm summer night
Two men of the road enjoying dinner

While traveling I get lots of contact from Facebook friends and emails. One customer saw me racing at Sears point last month and sent me these nice shots of my E Type …

Beating a V8 powered brute..
Here is another one of my race cars competing at the FAST races at Santa Margarita Ranch two weeks ago. I turned a blistering 32mph in the 1/10 mile! Not bad for 27 HP.. 😉 And don’t laugh at the helmet, the rules state I had to wear it!


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