Day 4

Dear Family & Friends,

Today we attended the MOA national BMW rally at the Utah State Fairgrounds.. It was good to have a day with no riding..
The event is a massive display of all things BMW and motorcycle touring.. Lots to see and do. There are seminars all weekend long. Today I learned about the electronics system of BMWs and how to use the electronic diagnostic tool to determine faults..
All sorts of accessories I didn’t know I needed to have.
One thing I noticed is the face of motorcycling is changing rapidly. About 2/3 of the people attending looked like they were at an AARP convention… of course me included.
I walked around a lot and there were various touring companies from all over the world offering tours to exciting and exotic places. One tour I really would like to do is from Los Angeles to the very tip of South America. It is three month tour so I will have to save up a while for that one, it is expensive.
I have done several tours into Mexico with a tour company called Motodiscovery. A great company with really nice people. I have become friends with them and saw them at their display stand at the event. As always I got a warm greeting. I am looking forward to riding with the again. They offer tours all over the world so if your interested I highly recommend them. Here is there website:

One of the best displays of the event was an amazing massage chair. I got a 20 minute demonstration and was tempted to buy it right on the spot. It was wonderful after three days on a motorcycle.
After the event I went back to the motel and had a nice swim. It is still very hot here and it felt wonderful.
It is so hot here I now know why Mormons are not afraid of going to hell, even hell has to be cooler than here….
This evening we took a light rail into down town SLC. I have to say I was very impressed with SLC.. Very clean (no graffiti) roads are immaculate, and the buildings are very well maintained and beautiful. An impressive city. Also probably more churches per square mile than anywhere on earth.
When got downtown we found a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. One of my favorites. The food was amazing. The salad bar alone would have made a great meal but they also serve every kind of grilled meat you can imagine. Brian and I ate a ridiculous amount of food.. All I can say is I did avoid all carbs and sugars, but I don’t think I lost anything tonight.. If I break even I will be happy.

Now any of you who know me know that I love my wife very much for a multitude of reasons, but one in particular is she has a wicked sense of humor.
I bought a restored classic BSA motorcycle last month (big surprise) and it was due to be delivered today. I asked Bonnie if she would meet the delivery truck and just have the driver set the bike in my garage and then take a photo of it and send it to me so I can see if it looks as nice in person as it did on Ebay.. So this is what she sent me……..

Then after I called her in a panic thinking the company must have delivered the wrong bike she sent me the correct photo…

She got me. Got to love her… 😉
So thats about it for today, nothing to exciting.. Back on the road Sunday with more travel adventures.

“Creative Writing uninhibited by grammar or spelling”

No motorcycle trip is complete without a healthy breakfast.. We found a local breakfast buffet and Brian got his money’s worth.. 😉
My breakfast… what could be healthier than bacon and strawberries????
Acres and acres of BMW motorcycles and riders from all over the country
Rows and rows of vendors..
There were several huge buildings full of all sorts of fun things that any motorcyclist would want.. Bonnie what is the limit on the credit card???
Now here is something I never saw the first 40 years of motorcycle riding.. charging stations for your electronic devices..
They even had a service to sew patches onto your jackets.. All motorcyclist have patches!!
This was a nice little number, the new BMW cafe racer model.. Bonnie just one more??? 🙂
This guy had a lot of never riding a Harley Davidson to a BMW rally and then park it right in the middle!!
I don’t think they will want me as a member… 😉
The only motorcyclist there wearing a Velocette hat!! Only my true enthusiast friends will even know what a Velocette is….
The “CHAIR”,,, I want one! One of the bets messages ever…
My friends from Motodiscovery… Skip on the left and Juan in the middle. I have ridden on trips with both and they are great people. Contact them at PS: Juan knows food so you won’t go hungry if you travel with him!!
The Mormon church in downtown Salt Lake City. A very impressive city.

A great place for dinner.
Brian enjoying an appetizer…..


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